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Lincoln College is proud to announce the creation of the 2010-2011 Speakers’ Bureau. Local schools, businesses, and organizations may contact any of the volunteer participants to schedule a no-cost presentation at a time, date, and location convenient to both parties. Presentations may be delivered on the Lincoln College campus on a space-available basis or off-site. Although no speaking fees will be collected, those wishing to provide a stipend may make a donation to Lincoln College’s Development Office.

About The Speakers

Dennis Campbell

Holds a doctorate in zoology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, has been a professor at Lincoln College for almost seventeen years, teaching both life and earth sciences. He is currently engaged in development of an outdoor environmental education center at nearby Sugar Creek for use by the College and local community organizations. Although a native of Texas, he has worked as a biologist (specializing in cave animals) throughout the South Pacific, Mexico, and the United States.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 260

Spring Hyde

Earned her master’s degree at Western Illinois University and is currently working on a master’s certificate in teaching and learning at the University of St. Francis. When she is not teaching at Lincoln College or penning a new piece, she enjoys football, baseball, fishing, crocheting, baking, reading, and spending time with her husband, Steve, and their two rambunctious Labradors, Gimli and Odin.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 207

Katy Koe

Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Lincoln College, earned her bachelor’s degree from Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines. She received a master’s degree in mathematics with an emphasis on statistics at The University of Toledo. Ms. Koe is fluent in three different languages, including Tagalog (national language in the Philippines), Mandarin (national language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore), and Fukien (dialect in the Southern Province in China). She has traveled extensively in the Orient.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 273

Paula Knopp

Joined the Lincoln College faculty in 1999, received a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Illinois State University and also holds a Mastery of Teaching Certificate. Ms. Knopp has coordinated global studies courses for Lincoln College since 2004 and has traveled extensively. She serves as Associate Professor in the Division of Social Sciences.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 304

John Malone

Earned a bachelor’s degree from North Central College in Naperville and a master’s degree from the University of Illinois in Springfield. Prior to joining Lincoln College in 2004, he spent seventeen years in the commercial radio broadcasting industry, most recently serving as Program Director of WMBD-AM in Peoria, Illinois, for almost six years. Mr. Malone has performed many functions in the radio business, including being an on-air personality, news reporter, and music disc jockey. Additionally, he has worked in broadcast sales, engineering, and upper management. At Lincoln College, Mr. Malone is the General Manager of WLNX-FM, the college-owned non-commercial FM radio station. He also teaches courses in broadcasting and mass communications.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 288

Michael Starasta

Director of the McKinstry Library at Lincoln College, earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in history at Illinois State University, a master’s degree in political science from the University of Illinois in Springfield, and a master’s degree in library science from Dominican University. In addition to his experience as a Reference Librarian at the Chatham Area Public Library, Mr. Starasta has served as an archivist at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site with the National Park Service where he researched documents and artifacts and also served an internship at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository where he researched genealogical information for patrons.
(217) 732-3155, ext. 290