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Admissions: Lincoln Campus

Freshmen (High School Students)

Lincoln College considers all aspects of a student’s qualifications and offers admission to all students in order to build a talented, diverse and interesting entering freshmen class.

The personal attention and student centered philosophy you will receive here will help build a strong foundation for you during your time with us. Our faculty and staff help our students achieve their goals and succeed inside and outside the classroom.

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Admissions: Transfer Students

Transfer Students

We feel that learning is not just about engaging in the classroom, but about folding life experiences into new contexts and opportunities. Transfer students are a vital part of the University community, contributing substantially to academic and extracurricular life. Lincoln College understands how important it is for students to find the right college fit. Our faculty and staff can relate to students who attended a previous college and, for whatever reason, didn’t work out for them.

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Admissions: International Students

International Students

The experience our students have here is described by many as being personal and quaint. Many of the international students who are admitted and begin their collegiate career at Lincoln College take part in extracurricular athletic teams such as soccer, swimming, cross country, as well as get involved in other campus activities.

We love to have the diverse backgrounds these students bring with them to our campus because it makes our campus richer and our students are able to learn from one another.

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